Who are twelfthman?

twelfthman is a collective of academics, writers, marketers, brand fanatics and all round obsessive¬†persuaders that want to change the way we do things…one intervention at a time.

We believe in the positive power of priming and nudge theory, we believe that well crafted words paint a thousand pictures. We believe that whether our aim is to sell more cars, encourage healthy eating or get people engaged in the democractic process, there is infinite power in understanding what makes people tick.

Whether through projects for clients, our own independent research or keeping a keen eye on agents for change around the world, we are constantly looking for the best ways to connect with, and to influence, people.

Where this gives us power over people’s behaviour we use it for the common good (as we see it); whether that be commercial productivity or social wellbeing. What you won’t find us doing is selling cigarettes and alcohol to those who don’t know any better. We’d rather use our skills to undermine the work of those who do.